Troubleshooting why an account has stopped or invalid

Problem Symptoms:

  • You receive an account.invalid or an account.stopped webhook.
  • The sync_state is stopped or invalid
  • You are discovering that accounts are stopping frequently. 

This guide is to assist in determining why this is happening.



For details on what can trigger these conditions see the following.

Please see best practices guide on how to handle these types of events.



Audience: Developers and support teams

Steps to determine why the account has stopped, useful if the account continuously stops:

  1. Firstly determine if your application is revoking the tokens
    1. You can determine this via Dashboard API logs - filter by the account / email address
    2. See Account manually stopped
  2. If this is happening for accounts from specific domains / providers, i.e. do they have the same
  3. if YES
    1. Please contact the customer's mail administrator and ask them to extend the session timeout for your application - for instructions see MS / O365 or Google
    2. If it happened at the same time then the mail administrator took action to disconnect our services. Please raise with their administrator.
  4. if NO
    1. Authenticating using basic. How can you tell:
      1. The provider attribute in the dashboard or the API  
      2. Returns Other  or Exchange
    2. if YES
      1. Every time they change their password they will need to re-authenticate.
      2. If Other check the sync logs in the dashboard for UID errors
      3. If EAS check the number of emails in their inbox, if =< 2 please see 
    3. if NO - customer is likely to authenticate using OAuth / Tokens
      1. Every time they change their password they will need to re-authenticate.
      2. If they are a MS account
      3. If they are a GSUITE account




Why is my Microsoft / O365 account in a stopped or invalid state?

Why has my GMAIL account stopped or invalid?




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