Dealing with Unsupported Password Error

If you're attempting to connect an account and receive the error message:

Unsupported password error: Your current password is incompatible with our system. Please refer to the support article below for assistance in resolving this issue.

This error usually means your password contains a non-supported character and will need to be changed to connect to our system.


Steps to Resolve the Issue

  1. Check for Valid ASCII Characters: Our system supports only valid ASCII characters in passwords. Our system doesn't support special Unicode characters such as โ‚ฌ, ยข, etc.
    We support ASCII printable characters (character code 32-127) as listed here

  2. Modify Your Password: If your current password contains any non-supported ASCII characters, you will need to change it. Please update your password on your provider's platform to remove these characters.

  3. Restart the Authentication Flow: After modifying your password, please restart the authentication process.

Need Additional Help?

If you've followed the steps above and are still facing issues, we're here for you:

  • The error message you're receiving
  • The email address of the account you're attempting to connect

Our support team will be in touch shortly to help you resolve the issue and ensure a smooth connection process.


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