Receiving "The App is Blocked" or "Google hasn't verified this App" error message while attempting to authenticate Google accounts

Your users are receiving the following error while trying to authenticate into your application with their Google account, you as the developer verify your Gmail application:

Screen_Shot_2022-02-24_at_4.51.08_PM.pngThis app is blocked. This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.



If your Google Cloud project is unverified, there is a 100 user OAuth rate limit quota. After 100 Google accounts have been authenticated into your project, more users will be unable to authenticate.

If your users are using G Suite accounts, and the G Suite administrator has whitelisted your application those users will not count towards the 100 user limit.



Warning: If your google APP goes over 100 user over the lifetime of the app they will see the app is blocked warning, there is no reducing this number.



How can I whitelist my application in Gmail?

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