Why do event invites from Nylas come through in UTC?

When updating the event through the Nylas API (PUT /events/{id} endpoint) ensure that you pass start_timezone and end_timezone


Nylas stores the timestamps of events in UTC.  The timestamps are converted by the calendar provider to match the calendar settings.  Most calendars will work with epoch or UTC time and then convert to the timezone based on the individual's UI settings.  This 'discrepancy' is noticed by end-users most often during the 'Edit Event' section of the event lifecycle but the event will save to the correct time/date once confirmed. 


If you wish to pass the timezone of the Calendar into the event start_timezone then this can be retrieved via timezone attribute on the /calendar endpoint.


Some calendar may not have a timezone value, in such cases you would need to prompt the user for a timezone or pre-fill the value using the browsers timezone.




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