How can I capture when a customer has created a scheduler slug?


There are several methods available to determine when a customer has created a slug via the editor:

1. Build your own schedule editor: You can create a custom schedule editor that calls the POST /manage/pages endpoint. This allows you to directly interact with the scheduling functionality and retrieve the slug information.

2. Use an event listener: Another option is to create an event listener that notifies you when the schedule editor has been closed. Once you receive the notification, you can make a GET request to the /manage/pages endpoint to determine which slug was created. This can be done by correlating the timestamps or the attribute calendar_ids with the account ID.

3. Periodically poll the /manage/pages endpoint: You can also periodically poll the GET /manage/pages endpoint to retrieve the slug information. By correlating the slug with the endpoint attribute calendar_ids and the account ID, you can determine which slug was created.


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