How do I whitelabel scheduler?

Name / Logo: You can white label each account on a per account basis with the name / logo, please note the name of the owner is taken from the account at the point of the scheduler page being created. 

Change the domain you will need to embed the iframe as per the the following guide.

Scheduler Editor the only customization with instant integration is detailed here.  To build your own schedule editor embedded customisation you will need to build your own frontend calling the /pages endpoint.

Scheduling page other than the standard customisation, and web customisation to take it to the next level you can build your own using the the RAW timeslots output of scheduler i.e.{slug_name}/timeslots

Scheduler links The challenge being that the cancel/reschedule links will always point to the Nylas scheduler URL, so to be 100% white labeled, then you will need to use confirmation method external so you can control the content of the event description.

Auto Schedule redirects to Disable Auto - Scheduler via:

config: {
   appearance: {
      show_autoschedule: false,



Building app using scheduler 

Web Customisation


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