What are the availability / free-busy limits?

These apply to API V3 also. Microsoft does not support meetings less than 30 minute duration for EWS accounts.

As a developer it is important to build limits into your models for the endpoints, the following applies when passing emails attribute (fetches from provider)in the endpoint

Supported providers:

  • GMail
  • Microsoft

Min Meeting Duration:

  • Microsoft 30 minutes
  • GMail 5 minutes

Max Meeting Duration:

  • No Max

Max forward lookup - how far in the future can you check for availability 

  • Microsoft 62 days
  • Gmail 90 days

If you use calendar_id then these limits do not apply and you can schedule meetings of 5 minutes across providers. See Free-busy does not return the expected results

In API V3: The /availability endpoint is 90 days for all supported providers. /free-busy remains provider limited.


Free-busy does not return the expected results



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