How to generate app-password for free Outlook/Hotmail accounts

  1. Log in to your account and at the top right click on the icon and select "My Microsoft Account"MicrosoftIcon.png
  2. On the top blue panel, select "Security" and select "Advanced security options"Security.png
  3. Under "Additional security" select "Turn on" for Two-step verification2Step.png
  4. Follow the guide to setup the 2FA, and continue to select "Next" and click "Finish" at the end
  5. Once completing all the steps above, a new section will appear in the security section called "App passwords" select "Create a new app password" AppPassword.png
  6. A new app-password will be generated for you, please copy this app-password and try to authenticate your account using this app-password instead of your original password


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