Microsoft Office 365 Admin Approval

While authenticating, the application requests permissions from the account, which returns Approval required response from Microsoft.


This prompt occurs because of the account's security settings from the mail administrator.


Send an Approval Request to the Mail Administrator

This process goes through the interface for the mail administrator to approve the account's authentication.

  1. Select the Request approval from the prompt above. This notifies the mail administrator.
  2. The mail administrator receives the email notification that user have requested for the approval.
  3. The mail administrator then logs in with admin account on or through the link on the approval request email.
  4. Navigate to Enterprise Application > Admin consent requests > All (preview) The mail administrator can see all pending requests. The image below displays how admin can give consent to the user.mceclip1.png

  5. When complete, the user can then restart the authentication process and connect the account to Nylas.
  6. Once the application has been added by the admin can whitelist it for all the other users, via Assign Users and Groups
  7. mceclip0.png

    NOTE: You can not add the application via any other method


Enable admin approval

Share the following process with the mail administrator for the account.

  1. The mail administrator can configure these settings on the Azure application. This lets users consent to the app without having to contact admin.
  2. The mail administrator logs in to
  3. Navigate to Enterprise Application > User settings. Configure the Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to option. The screenshot below shows the configuration allowing users to request admin consent.
  4. Confirm these settings in consent and permissions. Navigate to Enterprise Application > Consent and permissions > User consent settings and configure the Allow user consent for apps. View the screenshot below for reference.



  5. When complete, the user can then restart the authentication process and connect the account to Nylas.



Contact the customer's mail administrator with the information below. The mail administrator can then find the source for blocked access.

  • Timestamp of login attempt
  • Email address of the account
  • Azure > Monitor > Logins settings




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