Why use service accounts?

  1. Service Account Usage: Service accounts are used for adding accounts on the same domain and authenticating them. They can be employed to automate the authentication process without requiring user input.

  2. Removing Service Accounts: Removing a service account does not affect the accounts it is connected to. The accounts maintain their own refresh tokens, which can expire or be reset independently of the service account.

  3. Refresh Tokens for Accounts: Individual accounts have their own refresh tokens. These tokens can expire or be reset, and their lifecycle is managed independently of the service account's refresh tokens.

  4. Service Account Refresh Tokens: Service accounts have their own refresh tokens, which typically have a longer expiration period compared to individual account refresh tokens.

  5. Advantages of Service Accounts: The advantage of using a service account is the ability to authenticate accounts without needing user input. This is particularly useful for automation processes, as it allows for the seamless addition of accounts without manual intervention or customer prompts.


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