Unable to save changes. One or more of the following permission(s) are currently not supported

While trying to add Azure scopes, you may get this error when adding EWS or EAS scopes.


If this happens, please go to the Authentication link on the left. On the next page, look at Supported Account Types. Under "Who can use this application or access this API?", check to see if the word "personal" is listed in the answer.


If it is, please make a new Azure app. This setting can't be modified to existing apps. When you make a new Azure app, please pick the first or second option under Support Account Types. The first option is for internal or testing use. The second option is for all production use.

Do not pick any option that includes the word "personal"




Microsoft Personal accounts do not support EWS or EAS scopes like this. Nylas has a separate provider option for them: Outlook. So your Azure app does not need to support Personal accounts.



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