Emails not syncing, missing emails, missing sent emails

  1. Check to ensure the account is in a healthy running state, as visible via the dashboard or the /accounts endpoint - if NOT running  see troubleshooting guide.
  2. If Yes the account is healthy:

Search for the missing email via our API to get the message_id :


Using subject: /messages/search?q=subject:nick 

Using the Header Message-ID /messages/search? 

  1. Once you have the Nylas message_id then you can fetch it via the /messages endpoint
  2. You will probably find it is in a different folder than expect
    1. If IMAP and the object does not appear in the sent folder ensure you have defined which folder is the sent folder - See Documentation 

Please use your logs in the Nylas dashboard to confirm when you received the webhook by searching for the message_id



Finding the Header Message ID




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