Why does the search endpoint not return all messages for Google?

When trying to access emails through the Nylas API /search endpoint, you may notice that some emails, particularly those located in the Trash folder, are not returned in your search results. This occurs because the Google API, which Nylas queries, does not include emails from the Trash folder by default.


To ensure that emails from all folders, including the Trash folder, are included in your search results, you can modify your query to include the in:anywhere parameter. This parameter expands the search to cover all folders, ensuring no emails are overlooked due to their location.

Steps to Implement the Solution

  1. Modify Your Query: Adjust your API query to include the in:anywhere parameter. This will ensure that emails from all folders, including the Trash, are included in the search results.

  2. Example Query: Here is an example of how to structure your query to include the in:anywhere parameter:


    In this query:

    • in:anywhere ensures that the search covers all folders, including the Trash.
    • The rfc822msgid parameter specifies the unique identifier of the email you are searching for.

The in:anywhere parameter is crucial because, by default, the Google API excludes emails in the Trash folder from search results. By adding this parameter to your query, you instruct the API to include emails from all folders, ensuring comprehensive search results.


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