How can we share emails across multiple accounts?

As a developer you wish to share emails / the body of messages across multiple users. The best method of doing this is using providers native sharing features. 

  1. Email Forwarding or CC: Employee-Y can either forward the relevant email thread to Employee-X or include Employee-X as a CC recipient. This is our recommended method as it doesn't require any additional dev work.
  2. Shared Email Account: Your team could consider the use of a shared email account, such as This would allow all team members with access to that shared mailbox to view both existing and past client conversations.
  3. Access Token Usage (Not Recommended): An alternative, albeit not recommended, is for you to utilize Employee-Y's access token to pull the email of interest and share the payload with Employee-X. Please note that this should only be done with Employee-Y's explicit consent.



How can we track emails sent between our users across our application?


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