Gmail accounts syncing with delays? Ensure you have PubSub setup

If multiple Gmail accounts are syncing with delays, it is probably because your pub/sub is expired / not working or you don't have a pub/sub setup.



Follow these guides to setup/fix the pub/sub for your Google application. 

Please ensure to only use the GSuit app that is integrated with your Nylas application. Pub/Sub setup in any other GSuit app will not work.

  1. Automated way to create or fix existing pub/sub - Nylas maintains this script that you can run to automatically provision the GCP resources in Golang.
  2. Manual setup - Follow this step-by-step guide to set up pub/sub manually. This can also be used to verify and fix your existing setup.

Note: Make sure to set the Expiration period to Never expire. 

Contact support if the delays continue even after setting it up correctly.


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