No thread.replied webhook received

Thread.replied triggers when "A participant replied to a tracked thread." Not for emails sent. If the account is not triggering these webhooks check the following:

  1. Ensure you have the webhooks enabled on the Application level.
  2. Ensure that the webhooks have not been disabled.
  3. Ensure that the Sent objects have tracking enabled on them.
  4. Inspect the received email that failed to trigger the thread.replied webhook
    1. Was the email synced? Search Nylas for the Header Message-ID

Search for the missing email via our API to get the message_id :


Using subject: /messages/search?q=subject:nick 

Using the Header Message-ID /messages/search? 

If Yes, check to see if you received the webhook via the logs at filtering for the message_id

If No - contact support.





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