Why did I receive duplicate webhooks, multiple webhooks for the same object?

When sending an email or creating an event you may receive many webhooks for message.updated or event.updated for the same object:

  • Check in the Nylas dashboard that the applications does not have multiple endpoints for webhooks, we should only generate 1 of these webhooks per object.
  • When a message is delivered to the provider with the /send endpoint, there is still processing that takes place such as, SPAM checking and SENDING the email (the Header Message-ID will change). These all leave a footprint in the message header, thus triggering webhooks.

  • The moment an event is created any invited participants might have their provider set to immediate RSVP, i.e. Out of Office


Other questions:

Q. Why do I receive so many event.created webhooks with different ID's but when investigating they have the same content?
A. The account has shared calendars, or visibility of the calendars that they are inviting as particpants. Webhooks track all the activity across all connected calendars.




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