Email was sent but nobody received it


Email was sent you received a 200 confirmation from Nylas and a corresponding message ID, the email is in the Sent folder on the provider.



  • Some outbound providers do AV / SPAM check before sending a http response on the /send endpoint, this can result in long send times.
  • Other may accept the email we delivered to be sent and then check it. 
  • The email might have been sent but was intercepted at the recipients end.

The provider of the sender or recipient will send you a bounce message with the reason why. The mail administrator can redirect these bounce messages to himself to monitor abuse.



  • Search the mailbox for the subject of the email, bounce response may be in a different folder than expected.
  • Reach out to the mail administrator, Nylas delivered the email to the provider, what happens after that is not in our control.


Office365 Non delivery reports

Emails sent via the Nylas API return go into spam or return a bounced message




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