Account manually stopped

Problem Symptoms:

Your account isn't syncing new data and the sync state of your account shows "stopped". 



An account can be manually stopped via one of the following two methods:

1. From the dashboard by the "Pause Sync" or the "Delete account" button.

2. By calling /revoke-all, /delete, /downgrade API calls.



From the dashboard:

  1. If there is a "Retry Sync" mceclip1.png button on the account details page on the dashboard, click the "Retry sync" button. If this doesn't help go to step 2.
  2. Check the API calls made for that account on the dashboard. Look for /revoke-all, /delete, /downgrade API calls.
    1. If a /downgrade call has been made, search for /upgrade. 
      If /upgrade is NOT found, call it using this API code
    2. If /revoke-all is called. Check if a valid token was passed with the request. See this example.
      If NOT, ask the user to re-authenticate. 
    3. If a /delete is called, ask the user to re-authenticate.



Troubleshooting why an account has stopped or invalid


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