How do we rotate our client_secret?


For security purposes, you may need to change your client secret. There are two ways to rotate these credentials.


1. If you want to change these credentials asynchronously with Nylas team, create a support ticket to arrange a meeting. Support will guide you accordingly in the meeting.


2. Create a support ticket with application details, requesting to change the credentials, one of the support reps can get this done for your application and will reply to the ticket once this is done.


In either case, to get these new Nylas credentials, navigate to Nylas Dashboard > Select Application > App settings > General

- The new credentials can be found under Developer Details now.


Note: In case the app is used to create event conferencing (i.e Zoom/Microsoft). Please re-create those integrations with their new Nylas credentials. Also, make sure to update any API endpoint using client ID and secrets (i.e. Account management)



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