Step-by-Step Guide: Creating an App Password for Your Account

Using an app password for your account enhances security when connecting to third-party applications. This guide provides a simple, step-by-step process to create an app password, ensuring your account remains secure while accessible through various applications.


1. To begin, access the security page by clicking on this [Password for external applications]. Alternatively, you can navigate through your account settings: Go to 'Settings' > 'Security' > 'Password for external applications'.




2. Upon accessing the Passwords for External Applications page, you'll find information about app-passwords. Locate and click the blue 'Add' button to initiate the creation of a new app password. See the screenshot below for reference.


3. After creating an app-password, it will be displayed on your screen. Ensure to copy and securely store it, as it is vital for accessing your account via third-party apps. Consider using a reliable password manager for added security


4. Please restart the whole authentication password from scratch. Remember to use your standard email address and replace the regular password with the newly created app-password. Should you face any issues, recheck both the email address and app-password for accuracy.



Following these steps should help you successfully set up an app-password for your account, enhancing security and usability. If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to for assistance.





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