Handling an instance of Recurring event - Gmail vs Microsoft

The table below compares the differences for providers and recurring events.

Description Google Behavior Microsoft Behavior
Modifying the recurrence of a series, such as changing an event from weekly to daily. Overrides remain unchanged if they are still part of the recurrence. Overrides are removed.
Changes to busy status on the main event for a series. Busy status updates for all events in the series, including overrides. Busy status doesn't update for overrides that were created through Nylas. However, they update for overrides created through Microsoft's native calendar interface.
Deleting a single occurrence from a series within the provider's native calendar UI. This delete appears as an override event. The status changes tocancelledusing the Nylas API. This delete appears as an EXDATE using the Nylas API.
Creating a recurring event in the provider's UI with an end date for the recurrence. The end date shows up as23:59:59after the last occurrence in the account's local timezone using the Nylas API. The end date shows up as the start time of the last occurrence in the series using the Nylas API.



Nylas Guide on Recurring Events


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