I edited a recurring event and it created a new event

Chris Aylott
Chris Aylott
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The naming convention for recurring events changes once you edit an occurrence. The original is still returned when using `expand_recurring=True` , however it is set to cancelled

When editing a child event the name changes and two webhooks are created.


GMAIL Behaviour:

  • Edit a recurring child event
    • PUT /event/9r7szd0i6xkk92kqq6no3c1pi_20220505T233000Z
  • This will create a new event
"id": "50vednoawzvnd3zfpbnfwvfzp",   <<<<<<<< new ID
"job_status_id": "775q59svgwwfkdf50sr4c4x94",
"location": null,
"master_event_id": "9r7szd0i6xkk92kqq6no3c1pi", <<<<<< same master
    • Generate two webhooks. event.created and event.updated on the new event_id.

When you search for events between a time period and include expand_recurring=True . Any cancellations are returned in addition to the base event. Cancellations have the attribute cancelled set to true.

MS Behaviour:

When you edit a child recurring event we:

  • Add the event_id to the attribute EXDATE on the master /event
    • event.update webhook for master event_id
    • Mark the event_id as cancelled
  • Create a new override event with the edited values
    • event.created









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