No 'thread.replied' webhook triggered when message tracking enabled - V3.


The thread.replied webhook failed to trigger despite message tracking enabled. This issue can occur due to insufficient scopes and misconceptions about the interaction between message tracking and webhook triggers.

Note: thread.replied is ONLY triggered when participants REPLY to a message, not when the connected account replies to messages in the thread.


  • Missing Mail.sendor Mail.Read(Microsoft), gmail.send or gmail.readonly(Google) scope for the grant. See Email Scopes.
  • Missing subscription to the thread.replied webhook at the application level.


To ensure that the thread.replied webhook is triggered correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Verify Scopes: Ensure the grant includes the Mail.send & Mail.Read or gmail.send & gmail.readonly scopes. This scopes are necessary for message tracking and the subsequent triggering of webhooks.
  2. Subscribe to Webhook: Subscribe to the thread.replied, to receive notifications when an event occurs.



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