Round Robin: Maximize Availability vs. Maximize Fairness

With multiple calendars within a Scheduling page, meetings can be booked in a "round robin" rotation to try to distribute them evenly among the calendars. Two modes are available and mentioned in the calendar availability documentation.

In both modes, the scheduler starts by sorting the list of calendars by when it last booked an event on them, with the most recently booked calendars at the end of the list, and any calendars that it has never booked at the top of the list.

  • Round Robin - Maximize Availability: In this mode, the scheduler shows all time slots where at least one person in the list of calendars is available. This maximizes booking options for attendees, but means that meetings may not be evenly distributed among the group. This is especially true if one person is less available than the others.

  • Round Robin - Maximize Fairness: This mode helps book events evenly across the provided calendars. The scheduler first puts all of the calendars in order based on when they were last booked using this calendar, with the most recently booked at the end of the list and those who have not been booked recently at the top. Users who have never been booked appear at the top of the list in alphabetical order. Then the system removes the bottom half of the list, and generates time slots where someone on the remaining list (those who haven't been booked recently) is available. If none of the "up next" users are available, the scheduler starts over using the whole list to check for availability.



Round Robin Modes



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