What does "Authorized Email Doesn't Match Provided Email" means during authentication.

The error Authorized email doesn't match provided email during token validation stems from a mismatch between the email address provided in the authorization request /connect/authorizeand the one linked with the provided Google refresh token.


Example Scenario:

Let's consider a practical example to understand this better: You initiate an authorization request /connect/authorize with the payload:


    "client_id": "e4b*********4mi33v6",
    "name": "another_test",
    "email_address": "another_test@nylas.com",
    "provider": "gmail",
    "settings": {
        "google_refresh_token": "1//09xBRPWjX-**********************wLP9iSJrpHmqEQtQ77dN5o3aEF7JQX3L8qa82rG0",
        "google_client_id": "100**************googleusercontent.com",
        "google_client_secret": "q********e6d396"
    "scopes": "calendar"

In this payload, even though you're trying to authenticate the email address another_test@nylas.com, the google_refresh_token provided corresponds to a different email address, say test@gmail.com. This discrepancy leads to the aforementioned error.


The Solution

The fix for this error is straightforward but needs careful attention:

  1. Check the Refresh Token Source: Ensure that the google_refresh_token in your payload is generated for the same email address you're trying to authenticate. For instance, if you're authenticating another_test@nylas.com, the refresh token should also belong to another_test@nylas.com.

  2. Reinitiate Authentication: If there is a mismatch, reinitiate the authentication flow for the desired email address and obtain a new refresh token.

  3. Review Application Permissions: If you're generating refresh tokens programmatically, ensure that your application has the required permissions to access the desired scopes.

  4. Double-Check Email Inputs: It might sound simple, but typos or using different email aliases can lead to this error. Ensure that the email address you're using throughout the authentication process is consistent.




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