Best practices: handling invalid, stopped or cancelled accounts

How to handle accounts that have stopped or gone invalid.

  1. Recommended: Ensure you subscribe to webhooks account.invalid
    - Else poll the account endpoint every 30 min to determine if sync_state = invalid
  2. Additionally - especially with non-read scopes such as email.send
    If you receive 401 or 403 on the /send endpoint re-authenticate
    If you receive a 403 on any endpoint that is NOT /send ensure the billing_state = paid via the /account endpoint
  3. Prompt: The customer to re-authenticate
  4. Ensure: You delete old tokens using /revoke-all - while passing the most recent token in keep_access_token

How to handle accounts that wish to cancel / recover cancelled accounts.

  1. Use the downgrade endpoint - cancelled accounts will be delete after 3 days
  2. If account wishes to reconnect
  3. Check if the token state is still valid via the /token-info endpoint
  4. If valid, hit /upgrade - this removes the need for customers to authenticate again
  5. If invalid or 404 (token deleted) then  prompt for authentication
    1. Ensure you delete old tokens using /revoke-all  - while passing the most recent token in keep_access_token



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