How do I remove the Nylas domain and logo appearing when authenticating a Gmail account with Hosted Authentication?

To completely eliminate Nylas branding from the hosted authentication workflow, you'll need to follow these steps:

This is feature included with every package with a Full or Premium support, else it is an additional $200 per month.

  1. Subscription Requirement: Ensure you have either the 'Essential Plan' or have made a purchase specifically for 'White-labeled Hosted Authentication'.

  2. Change the logo: Users see the Nylas name and logo on this page. You can upload your own icon for your user-facing Hosted Auth page from the Nylas Dashboard. Icons must be in PNG, JPG, or TIF format, and 1MB or smaller. Nylas resizes the image to 72x72 pixels, so it should be square.
  3. Domain Configuration: Set up a CNAME record such as This should point towards

  4. Support Ticket Submission: After confirming the above steps, please submit a support ticket so we can do the required changes on our side.

  5. Accessing white-labeled Hosted Authentication: Once the process is finalized, you can access the hosted authentication in the same manner as before. The only difference is that you'll replace the Nylas URL with your own custom domain in your GCP. - Step 5 mentioned on this documentation: Create Google application credentials

  6. Change the GMAIL logo to your name: This is only possible in V3 Please see 



Hosted Auth



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