Event Description Limits in Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.

When creating events via Nylas for calendars like Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange, it is essential to understand the limitations regarding the event description length. Nylas always follows the limitation of the provider for best practices.


Google Calendar (Gmail):

  • In Google Calendar, the event description character limit is approximately 8,192 characters. Users must be cautious when adding extensive descriptions, as exceeding the limit can result in errors during event creation or updates. Furthermore, users may not be able to view the entire description if the limit is exceeded.

Microsoft Exchange:

  • The maximum size for an appointment or event in Microsoft Exchange can vary depending on the version and administrator-configured settings. However, a common limit is 32 KB (32,768 bytes) for the entire appointment or event object. This limit encompasses various fields, including the description, subject, location, attendees, and attachments. As a result, the actual limit for the description field might be lower, depending on the data in other fields.





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