Static IP addresses

Some customers want to whitelist a set of IP addresses and block the rest for security reasons. We have an API endpoint to fetch the list of our Dynamic IP addresses that you can whitelist. Though these IP addresses keep changing frequently, so the alternative is to move to our static ones.  

What are static IP addresses?

These are a set of IP addresses available in a specific environment where accounts can be moved in order to synchronize them. As a result, the IP addresses seen by their e-mail or calendar provider server will be from a short list compared to our dynamic IP addresses.

Since they don't change, it's easier to whitelist them on a firewall. This comes with additional costs, so a separate request has to be made with your Customer Success Manager in order for your accounts to be moved to this environment.

A list of all static IPs for an application can be found by using the following endpoint. Get IP addresses for static IP

How to authenticate on static IP addresses?

To move accounts to the static IP addresses environment, each end-user needs to authenticate two times with a delay of 30 minutes in between. 

  1. First authentication - The authentication itself will be done from an API server already in the static IP addresses environment but the account will first be moved to a synchronization server in the dynamic IP addresses environment.
  2. The account will stop running. End-users can expect to receive an account.stopped webhook.
  3. After 30 minutes, the end-user will need to re-authenticate. This will move the account to a synchronization server with a static IP address. At this point, the account will start synchronizing.
    As an alternative to the second authentication, the dashboard admin can also trigger stop/start of sync from the Nylas dashboard after 30 minutes.
  4. All subsequent re-authentications for this account will be done normally (i.e. only once) since the account will already be in the static IP environment.

If you wish to use static IP addresses for your connected accounts, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact



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