[FAQ] What are the differences between Exchange, Office365, Outlook and EWS, EAS



What are the differences between Exchange, Office365, Outlook and EWS, EAS?


You often see the following providers from Nylas:

  • Exchange
  • Office365
  • Outlook


  • EAS
  • EWS
  • Graph

What are the differences?

  1. Outlook, Office, and Exchange are the provider name, mainly for different server hosts.
    • Outlook is the free account that uses Basic authentication only.
    • Office365 is the online Exchange account that uses the OAuth.
    • Exchange mainly contains the On-prem Exchange account, which uses Basic authentication as well. However, sometimes when we refer to Exchange with Oauth, it is the Online Exchange, which is part of the O365. 
  2. The EWS, EAS, and Graph are the protocols we use for connecting Outlook, Office365, and Exchange accounts:
    1. At Nylas, we first use the EAS protocol for connecting Microsoft-related accounts. It is used for email, calendar and contact scopes.
    2. Later, we started to build EWS as the protocol to sync email and calendar. An account could use EWS and EAS protocol at the same time if you have contacts scope plus email or/and calendar scope.
    3. Graph scope is for the calendar-only accounts and it is Office365 only.





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