How do I delete an account?

Subash Pradhan
Subash Pradhan

There are multiple methods to delete an account registered in Nylas. Please find the one suitable for your use case below:

  1. Immediate Delete:
    - Make a request to DELETE /a/{client_id}/accounts/{id}. Accounts deleted using this method are immediately unavailable. You can't upgrade the accounts, access any data, or do anything else with the account. The data is queued for deletion and processes within 3 days.

  2. Downgrade and Cancel:
    - If you prefer flexible timing before making an account unavailable, first revoke the access tokens and then downgrade the account. The account is queued for deletion within 3 days. Using this method, you can upgrade the account again to activate it.

  3. Delete via Nylas dashboard:
    - Navigate to the Nylas dashboard, and select the account which needs to be deleted, on the top right there is a button to delete which will trigger account deletion.


  4. Emergency Delete:
    - Contact

Note: Any account deletion method will take a minimum of 3 days.



- Delete an Account



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