How to handle accounts going into stopped or invalid state.

It is important to have a mechanism in place to capture when accounts go into a stopped / invalid state. Most problems relate to customers not checking the sync_state of the account . 


Note: Every account will hit this state at some point.



  • The developer of the application needs to build this logic



  • Ensure your application has webhooks enabled 
  • If you receive an account.invalid webhook
  • Via your APP or email prompt the user to reauthenticate
  • If after re-authenticating account goes into the same state, check the AUTH, API and SYNC logs in the dashboard. Search this site for the error.
  • If they do not expose any obvious errors, contact Nylas support 



You should now have an automated method



Why is the account stopped or invalid?

When sending an email I receive a 401 error? 






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