When making an API call I receive a 401 error?

When some or all API calls start returning 401, this means that the Nylas token or provider credentials or both are invalid. 

If only /send, /file upload and some other POST calls are returning 401 it is the provider's credentials that are invalid. In both cases, the user needs to re-auth.


Error Response:

"message": "Could not verify access credential.",
"type": "invalid_request_error"



  • Invalid credentials
    • The provider is asking for a multi-factor authentication to renew the token.
    • You can also check the Dashboard sync logs to find any errors in renewing access tokens.
  • The token used for the API request does not have permission to the relevant scopes.
  • The token is revoked or is expired.





How to handle accounts going into stopped or invalid state.




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