Emails / Webhooks are delayed or missing

Webhook will only be produced once we sync the object, if the account goes out of running  state, and into partial / stopped / invalid this is expected behaviour.


To ensure you handle these events correctly please anticipate and expect delays when sync_state != running 


How to troubleshoot:

  1. Is the account in Running state. See account stopped
  2. Search for the email Subject, many developers group emails by thread, the email may have been received but it's not where you expect it to be. 
  3. Once you have found the email, check the response for the folder / category it is in, it might be in a different folder.
  4. Record the object_ID check to see if you received a webhook with that ID @ 
  5. Check the sync logs in the dashboard for any errors

When to contact support:

  • Does the object exist in the mailbox but no webhook was produced
  • After you have Searched for the subject
  • If the issue is recurring for the same account please reach out to support.


Troubleshooting why an account has stopped or invalid





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