How can I recover an access token?

  • Access tokens are only shared once, right after account creation. If you haven't stored the access token, you need to re-authenticate the account to get a new one.
  • If you are a developer, a best practice is to store all access tokens in your database after each authentication. 
  • They can not be recovered via the dashboard or any API call.

You only have visibility of the Nylas access token, only with native authentication will you also have the Provider Oauth Refresh token.

Best Practice Account Re-Authentication 

  1. Start by authenticating the account 
  2. Then using attribute keep_access_token call /revoke-all endpoint ensuring to only keep the most recent token (keep_access_token). This will ensure that you are using the correct token.
  3. If using scheduler ensure you update the token by visiting with the newly generated token. For more info see our documentation.

Note: We DO NOT recommend calling downgrade/upgrade or revoke-all without the attribute keep_access_token with re-auth. This can cause unknown issues with re-auth. 





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