Why can't I authorize my Microsoft or Office 365 account?

During authentication an Office365 account Microsoft returns 400 response:

During authentication receive the following 500 response.

Invalid validation response from Microsoft. Missing Email Address.

Unable to Authorize Microsoft/Office365 account 



Users may be trying to connect an account without a connected mailbox. You can confirm whether they have mail box by checking that they have an mail address in Graph explorer.

This can also occur if you complete the admin approval by inserting the mail administrators credentials.



Confirm the account has a mailbox.

- Visit the Graph Explorer webpage.

- Log in with the user credentials.

- Get the profile details by clicking on the `Get my profile`  tab.

- Confirm a value exists for mail field in the response.

- Confirm that the email address is the same email address they are using to log in.



Admin Approval:

We have noticed that if Admin Approval is requested and then the administrator adds their credentials


Ensure your application is Microsoft Verfified

Nylas only supports accounts with a mailbox / license.


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