Why is the account stopped or invalid?

More importantly than understanding why accounts stop is having a mechanism in place to:

Every account will all stop at some point. The provider does NOT tell us why.

Accounts can stop for a multitude of reasons:

Event: Received account.invalid webhook sync_state is invalid 

Event: Received ONLY account.stopped webhook sync_state is stopped

  • Manually Stopped - see this guide to identify and resolve the issue.
  • Connection server issues - see Sync Logs
  • Retries exceeded - see Sync logs
  • Parsing error - see Sync Logs
  • Mail administrator has blocked / suspended the account - See Sync logs

Stopped accounts can sometimes be recovered by Starting them via the dashboard else by calling /downgrade and /upgrade

After starting an account it will go into the Partial state, where it will remain until it we have retried the account 6 times over an hour before stopping again.



The solution to all the above is to Re-authenticate the account.

If the account continuously goes into an invalid or stopped state after authentication:

If Microsoft O365 account:

  • Ask the mail administrator to check the Azure > Login logs

If Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail account:



Troubleshoot stopped accounts

Why has my gmail account stopped

Why is my Microsoft / Office365 account in a stopped or invalid state?

Microsoft: Refresh and session token lifetime policy properties




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