Using mail merge to send customized mass emails

Mail merge lets you create a message template, then automatically fill in variables to make each message personal.

Follow these steps:

  1. Compose the message you’d like to send, either by writing it directly in the text editor or by choosing an existing template.

  2. Click the Mass Email icon. A table will appear below your message. This is where you add the content that will be inserted into your message when it’s sent.

    All mail merge messages must use email as one variable; this is the list of addresses to which your message will be sent. To add more variables, click the “+” on the right and a new column will appear. Add the name of the each variable in the top row.

  3. Populate the variables table, either directly (just click on each cell and type) or by importing a CSV file.

  4. Drag and drop your variables into place where you want them to appear within the message.

You can preview how the message will look for each recipient by clicking the rows in the table.

In order to respect the limits of the majority of email providers, Nylas will allow you to send mail merge messages to up to 150 recipients at a time.


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