How much do the Nylas Cloud APIs cost?

You can start building using the Nylas Cloud APIs immediately! We don't require a credit card to try out our platform. Get started by browsing our extensive documentation.

API pricing is per-account-per-month, and tiered by volume. You can save 15% by paying annually in advance. We structure it this way so you can feel comfortable getting started quickly, then scale up with the knowledge that you are only paying for what you use. This structure also gives you better value for every account you add. Contact to get a customized quote for your company.

Each email address you sync through Nylas is considered one account. For example, if you have 10 users with one connected mailbox each, that would be 10 accounts. Similarly, one user with 10 connected mailbox would also be 10 accounts. Each account includes all Nylas APIs—email, calendars, and contacts.

If you exceed the volume specified in your pricing agreement, we do not automatically stop syncing accounts or throttle service in any way. Exceeding your plan will result in either a prorated overage charge based on your plan's current cost per account or an automatic plan upgrade—whichever is less expensive for you.

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