Customizing Nylas Mail

Nylas Mail is designed from the ground up to be customized and extended. There are several ways you can do this:


Install plugins

Plugins add new functionality to Nylas Mail. You can activate or deactivate them at any time. More than a dozen plugins are built in directly to Nylas Mail. Go to Preferences > Plugins to see a list of what’s available, then toggle to install.

Developers can clone or download additional Nylas Mail plugins via GitHub. Many of these plugins are community-contributed, and the selection will continue to grow over time.


Install custom themes

The design of Nylas Mail is customizable. Choose from several prebuilt themes in Preferences > Appearance, or download and install new themes here. And if you’re familiar with CSS, you can create your own!


Adjust your preferences

From the standard Preferences panel, you can change settings like the display mode, how unread counts are shown, notification settings, sounds, and many others.


Write your own plugin

Nylas Mail is designed to make it easy for developers who are familiar with modern web technology to quickly and easily build plugins of their own. Take a look at the Nylas Mail Github project documentation for guides on how to get started.


Contribute to Nylas Mail Core

Nylas Mail is an open source project. We welcome and encourage developers to submit pull requests.

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