How do I get access to API V3?

Nylas v3 Beta includes major improvements to the entire platform. We highly encourage all customers to plan for migration to take advantage of these improvements. However, not all features of v2 are available immediately in the Beta phase, and some customers will benefit more than others from early adoption.

You should sign up for the API v3 Beta early especially if:

  • You receive a lot of webhooks and want to reduce the number of API calls you make responding to them.
  • You only use endpoints included in the Beta program see endpoints.
  • You are using Nylas Virtual Calendars only.
  • You are developing a Single Page Application (SPA) or mobile application, and want to use more secure authentication methods.

Here are the steps to get access:

  1. Please see the documentation here 
  2. Ensure you are aware of the differences
  3. Signup for access to the early access  - you will receive confirmation email of acceptance
  4. Our onboarding team will reach out to you, this can take two days.
  5. Create your app on the new dashboard - this will be communicated to you





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