Nylas Mail 2.0 Release FAQ

What is Nylas Mail?
Nylas Mail is our new, next generation Nylas email client.  While N1 was a great start, we've rethought every aspect of how we get mail in the new Nylas Mail.
We've engineered Nylas Mail to make sure that our current Nylas N1 customers can easily transition to Nylas Mail.  Additionally, we have made significant enhancements to security and performance.  With Nylas Mail, all of your emails are stored on your computer, meaning that Nylas Mail not longer needs us to store your emails in our secure Nylas cloud service.
Can I use Nylas Mail on Windows, MacOS, and Linux?
Yes.  Nylas Mail is available on all three platforms.
What are the key features of Nylas Mail?
Nylas Mail contains all of the most popular features of Nylas N1.  Nylas Mail includes N1's Unified Inbox, Open Tracking, Link Tracking, Send Later, Reminders and more.
Can I still use IMAP Accounts?
Yes, just go to the main menu and then 'Add Custom IMAP Account'.
What is the difference between Nylas Mail Basic and Nylas Mail Pro?
Nylas Mail Basic places limits on Snooze, Send Later, and Reminders every month (these require the Nylas cloud infrastructure that we run to enable these features). Nylas Mail Pro gives you unlimited snoozes, scheduled sends, and reminders.
Can I use Nylas Mail and Nylas N1 at the same time?
Yes.  Through May 2017, you can continue to use Nylas N1 while you test out Nylas Mail to give us feedback.  We think that you will love Nylas Mail and switch to make it your default email client.
When is Nylas planning to turn off the Nylas N1 service?
We are going to work closely with our customers to pick the best date.  We anticipate that the date is likely to be in May of 2017.
Do I need to re-authenticate my accounts the first time I use Nylas Mail?
Yes.  You will need to re-connect your different email accounts to Nylas Mail.
Does Nylas Mail take longer to sync than N1?
Since Nylas Mail stores all of your emails locally instead of in the cloud, your initial sync time may be longer if you put your computer to sleep or close Nylas Mail.  However, you can send new mail and change your settings while email older than a week is syncing.
How do I give the Nylas team feedback?
We are excited to receive feedback on what we should build next.  Feel free to contact us if you run into any issues.  Just send us an email to support@nylas.com.
What version of Nylas Mail is right for me if I am paying for Nylas N1 today? 
Nylas Mail Pro.  Nylas Mail Pro includes: Snooze, Send Later and Reminders.  If you are a Nylas N1 Pro customer today we will automatically give you access to Nylas Mail Pro.
I am an existing Nylas N1 Pro customer.  Will my pricing or billing change?
No.  We will continue to honor all customers who purchased Nylas N1 Pro at the discounted price.
I am an existing Nylas N1 Pro customer.  How do I cancel my subscription to Nylas?
We are sad to see you leave the Nylas community.  If you want to cancel, please go to https://billing.nylas.com to cancel your subscription.  Of course, you can use Nylas Mail for free - just with the limits described above.
What features are missing from Nylas Mail that are currently in Nylas N1 and N1 Pro?
The features currently missing from Nylas Mail as of April 2017 are: (1) support for on-premise Microsoft Exchange via ActiveSync, (2) Mail Rules, (3) Thread Sharing, (4) Proposed Meeting Times (Scheduler), (5) Mail Merge, (6) Salesforce integration, and (7) our PGP plugin.  We are working to adding many of these features back to Nylas Mail, with a focus on the most requested features.  However, based on our customer feedback and limited usage we are unlikely to add support for on-premise Microsoft Exchange to Nylas Mail.
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