Authorizing Use with Yahoo

Yahoo considers any third-party applications that use password-based authentication to be "less secure" and blocks access to them by default. Since Nylas Mail still connects Yahoo accounts with stored passwords, you'll need to enable access in your Yahoo settings before connecting to Nylas Mail.

How do I enable Yahoo access for Nylas Mail?

  1. Go to and enable "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" and enable the option

Or, if you are logged into Yahoo already,

  1. Clear the gear settings icon and choose "Account Info"
  2. Click on "Account Security"
  3. Scroll to "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" and enable it
  4. Log into Nylas Mail

Should I be concerned with Nylas Mail's security?

No, "less secure" is not the same as "insecure". We take your security and privacy seriously and we ensure that your account credentials are encrypted and securely managed.


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